Key Benefits: Payroll Services, Insurance & Benefits and Human Resource Assistance

All of these functions are included for a low weekly check processing fee.  There are no hidden or additional fees.  Some payroll companies charge you extra for adding workers or for issuing each W-2 form but with us this is all included.

Payroll Services

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check preparation and delivery including direct deposit to any bank in the country.

Required payroll deductions along with wage garnishment, support orders, and IRS levies.

Proper tax calculations and withholding for all mandated taxes.

Timely payment and completion of local, state and federal payroll reports and tax deposits.

Preparation of customized payroll reports, labor distribution reports, employee deduction reports, payroll ledgers for Labor Department audits, workers’ compensation or general liability audits. 

Year end W-2 preparation, distribution and required filings.

Maintenance and storage of payroll records.  We can also store your time cards.

Ability to track paid time off for vacation, sick, holiday and personal hours.

New Hire Reporting to the State within the required time frames.

Insurance & Benefits


Allegiant’s benefit program is an approved Section 125 pre-tax health insurance plan.  This means our employees can pay for their insurance premiums before they are taxed for federal, state or social security taxes.  (Yes, your business saves on the employer matching FICA costs too!)  This can easily save the business and the employee - 22% or more. 

The advantage of a cafeteria plan is that employees can pick and choose only the benefit they want or need.  Clients can choose to pay for some, all or none of the premium costs.  The client can also pick a particular dollar amount or percentage to give to the employee and the employee will pay the remaining premium costs.  This gives the business owner the option to offer benefits as well as easily manage their benefit costs. 

Medical Insurance - Coverage through BlueCross\BlueShield with full prescription drug benefits. Single, two person or family coverage.

Dental Insurance - There is a choice of two dental plans.  Each offers single, two person or family coverage.

Vision Insurance - Provides reimbursement of annual exams, glasses/frames or contacts up to the annual allowed amount.

Short Term Disability Insurance- Provides up to 26 weeks of coverage to workers who have suffered a debilitating accident or injury, or for pregnancy leave. 

Term Life Insurance – This death benefit will pay your named beneficiary 1x your annual salary in the event of your death (up to a maximum benefit of $50,000) or 2x your annual salary in the event of your accidental death. 

COBRA Insurance Administration – Employees covered under the Medical, Dental or Vision insurance can continue their benefits after termination for up to 18 months or during a period of an extended leave of absence.  We will send the person all the forms and information they need to continue their insurance after termination and administer all facets of this program. 

AFLAC Insurance Benefits – Employees may also elect coverage for any of these additional benefits offered by Aflac.

  • Short-term disability extended benefits

  • Hospital Confinement

  • Accident 

  • Specified Health Conditions

  • Cancer

Liberty Mutual Group Rates on insurance for your auto, home, boat, seasonal dwellings and recreational vehicles. 

Credit Union Membership with Northeast Credit Union.  Credit unions offer the same banking services (savings or checking accounts, visa cards, loans, and investments) as regular banks but because of their non-profit status, they can usually offer lower fees than traditional banks. 

401(k) Savings Plan – Each client has the option to adopt our 401(k) plan for a low-fixed annual fee.  This allows your business to offer a retirement plan without all the headaches and time consuming work associated with these plans.  Clients can also decide to offer a matching contribution or a safe harbor match that will automatically allow the plan to pass all of the annual non-discrimination testing.  Our funds are invested with John Hancock which is one of the largest retirement fund providers in the world.  We have nearly 100 different investment options to choose from.  

Human Resource Assistance


Because it is nearly impossible for a small business owner to keep up with all their requirements of their particular business or industry in addition to the ever changing requirements of having even just one employee – many businesses have discovered that employee leasing is the way to go!  We keep track of and inform you of law changes so you can concentrate on running YOUR BUSINESS!

Compliance Assistance

We monitor, review and keep track of pending legislation or court decisions in all areas including ADA, ADEA, EEO, FMLA, ERISA, OSHA, COBRA, wage laws, lunch breaks, hiring, reference checking, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance, wrongful termination, negligent hiring, discrimination, whistleblowers’, independent contractor rules and requirements.  This is not easy, even for those with years of HR experience. 

Workplace Posters

We also provide you with all your state and federal posters and send you updated posters as changes are made. 

Personnel Forms & Recordkeeping

We can provide you with a variety of HR forms including new hire paperwork, employment applications, attendance tracking, warning notices, performance appraisals that can be tailored to fit your needs.  We can give you the forms to obtain a work permit for workers under age 18 years.  We maintain all your personnel files and payroll records for the required time frames.  Please note you must keep your time cards for at least 4 to 5 years or you can send them to us and we will keep them for you.

Handbooks & Job Descriptions

We can assist you in creating job descriptions, individual policies or procedures as well as a complete handbook.  We have helped firms create handbooks ranging from one page to more than 40 pages that cover as many topics as you need. 

Audit Assistance

We can assist with all Labor, Unemployment, and Workers’ Compensation audits.  We usually know exactly what they need.  This is a huge time savings for the business owner and relief that there is someone in your corner.  We can’t carry your general liability insurance but can provide you the reports needed for your general liability audits.

EEO Compliance Assistance

We have successfully handled several federal and state discrimination and whistleblowers’ claims.  Most of these have been settled without any legal representation costs to the client and with very little lost time on the part of the business owner.  The average discrimination claim takes two years to go through the state or federal agency.  Our assistance in just one of these HR nightmares can be a huge financial savings for a small business. 

HR Guidance

We will work with the business owner or supervisors regarding disciplinary and termination issues.  We can give you suggestions to help correct problems and document continued violations of company policies.  We can also help you decide if it may  be time to sever the relationship with the worker.  Please call us when you are having a problem.  We can advise you of the proper way to handle the situation to help prevent a lawsuit or discrimination claim, and to ensure you don’t violate the law.  Whatever your business needs are relative to HR, consider us your first call.  If you call us first, we may be able to save you from having to consult your attorney or defend your actions in court.    

Insurance, Benefits and Human Resource Assistance is available to PEO clients only.

Payroll-only service is available for firms with five or more workers.