Referral Program

Refer a client, make some money.

Earn Rewards for Your Referrals

During our 25 years in business we have found that the most effective sales tool is client referrals.  It tends to be easy for a business owner to explain how we help simplify their lives.  With that in mind, we have decided that we would formally institute a reward program for client referrals.  So if any of your friends are business owners, who seem to be struggling with their day to day payroll or human resource operations, please feel free to let us know. 

In appreciation for your referral, we will thank you with a cash incentive.  If you refer a business that becomes a client of ours, after 90 days of that business being on our program, you will receive the award shown below.  You can choose a check or gift card, whichever you prefer.

Leasing Referrals

Number of Workers Reward Amount
1 to 5 workers $100.00
6 to 10 workers $300.00
11 or more workers $500.00






Payroll Services Referrals

Number of Workers Reward Amount
6 to 10 workers $150.00
11 or more workers $250.00


There is no limit on how many businesses you can refer or on how many rewards you can earn.  Please call our office and let us know the name of the business, phone number and the person to contact.  Or if you have the client call us directly, please be sure they let us know who referred them.